Many of us have some experience with the summer holidays both in Denmark and abroad, and we are pretty good to share our experiences with others as we both take vacation pictures, write blog posts, share photos and experiences on Facebook and previously took to the slides, which can proudly be able to show to friends and family for a while after the holidays. Should certain resorts have problems with unsanitary conditions, poor water quality, pests, bad food and boring activities, you can be sure that the future does not come so many visitors to the site, as this kind of news spread quickly like wildfire. Therefore making the resorts very much to shape up and ensure the tourists good experiences in comfortable conditions, so the tourists as obtain a good and fun holiday, but mainly to the need to recommend the place to others and also return another time. Competition is therefore harder and harder, because you today with Facebook, mail and websites can quickly tell the world about the good resorts at reasonable prices, where you can have a perfect holiday with the whole family.

Requirements for a perfect ?

Regardless of age, gender and interests, so there is some overlap wish that we all agree that characterizes a perfect holiday. A summer holiday should preferably take place within this framework:

  • warm climate
  • exotic destinations
  • Clean and beautiful bathing water with various water sports on offer
  • A magnificent scenery like mountains, bays, forests, volcanoes, canyons, valleys, etc.
  • Nice and tasty food like made of good ingredients and local recipes
  • Good shopping for clothes, fashion goods, souvenirs, etc.
  • Interesting restaurants and cafes
  • A dynamic and fun nightlife with bars and discos
  • Exciting attractions such. historical monuments
  • Children’s activities, playgrounds and water park
  • Tivoli, parks, museums, zoo and other attractions
  • Luxury Hotel with the possibility of wellness and spa

What kind of summer vacation should be chosen?

In the case of a camping holiday, one campout, or a ski holiday, so the requirements revised part, but in most cases these standard requirements applicable to both single people, couples and families with children. Sometimes you have to compromise on several of the requirements and select from the main requirement, as it can often be difficult to stay along the beach in a large metropolis, but you can often find many popular seaside resorts in a reasonable size yet with most necessities among their many offerings. If one is especially for luxury hotel at a great beach in the tropics, so you should choose destinations along the Black Sea, the Mediterranean or Mallorca and the Canary Islands. One can also travel to Paris to Disneyland, as the kids are guaranteed to love, but you can also travel around Denmark and Europe with car and caravan, where to stay comfortably and yet out in nature. When you are visiting a travel agent and check the options and prices through, so you will often notice two separate concepts such as holiday packages and all-inclusive, and both highly recommended, if you are into cheap travel in full luxury. You may start to gather inspiration for next summer vacation at one of Denmark’s largest and oldest travel agencies Spies Travel , which has a website with vacation packages around the world, and especially during holiday packages and deals you can find cheap travel, and with all inclusive follows that even full meals included in the price, so that the trip includes airfare, hotel and food during the whole trip in full luxury. Thus one can safely sit back and enjoy a wonderful summer holiday in peace and quiet, which is thought of everything, and you know even its own vacation economy in detail, as you only need to spend money on souvenirs and pleasures.


Billede: Nick Kenrick.